Banded Squats- why they're so effective and why you need to do them

Banded Squats- why they're so effective and why you need to do them

Chances are you've seen people at your gym squatting with a band around their thighs and wondered WHY? And should I be doing that too?

Don't worry, you're not alone in thinking this and we are going to explain just why you SHOULD use bands when you squat.

The biggest reason why you should use glute bands or booty bands while squatting is because it helps to activate your glutes.

If you sit at a desk all day chances are your glutes may not be as active as you think. The constant sitting, lack of tension, and activation cause your glutes to, for the lack of a better term, “shut off.” ⁠This is where glute activation is important and where glute bands come in to save the day.

Besides glute activation, there are many other benefits to using bands when squatting:

#1 Strengthen Weak Muscle Groups 

Most people will have weak glute muscles, from being sat down at a desk all day. Its important to work to counteract this by restrengthening this mostly dormant muscle group. By implementing banded squats into your routine, you’ll gradually increase your glute strength and improve muscle recruitment. 

#2 Improve Functionality of your Body and Posture

The gluteal group is part of your core musculature and serves many important functions in movement and posture. It is crucial for running, and also allows you to squat, walk up steps, walk uphill, lunge, balance on one leg and support your lower back. With the majority of people confined to desks all day or being generally sedentary, many people have dysfunctional gluteal muscles. The muscles become too loose in some spots while other areas become overly tight. And many people have weak glute muscles.

Whats worse, weak or tight glutes can be a contributing factor in developing low back pain or knee pain. Since they are such a large muscle, glutes are designed to handle large loads. But if they are dysfunctional then the load they are supposed to carry is dispersed to other less-able muscles, putting inappropriate stress on the joints.  

#3 Changes The Strength Curve 

When you squat, you’ll notice that certain parts of the rep are harder than others? For example, at the bottom of the squat…that’s where you are at your weakest (and therefore it’s the hardest part of the rep). At the top of the squat, you’re at your strongest (this is the easiest part of the rep).

With a banded squat, you’ll notice that the top position is now much harder because as you stand up, the band generates more resistance. This is the case for most banded type exercises. As it uses something known as linear variable resistance. This means the further you stretch the bands- the more resistance they provide!

This is why a banded squat works your legs much harder than standard squats with no bands do. (more GAINS)

#4 Warm-Up

Using glute bands at the beginning of your workout is a great way to fire up your glutes and thighs and warm them up for the gruelling session ahead. You can utilise the band for a dynamic stretching styled warm up, or put your lower body through a mini glute activation drill comprising of some of the best burning exercises.

#5 Variety  

If you're getting a little bored with your training then adding a band to your workout regime can mix things up and provide a more challenging stimulus for your muscles. Variety is an excellent way to keep your body stimulated, but also keep you mentally focused. 

#6 Affordable & Portable 

Glute bands are affordable, and you can take them anywhere. Whenever I go on holiday, I will pack my glute bands in my suitcase. It means I can train my glutes anywhere in the world. They fit neatly into my case like a pair of socks, and barely weigh anything. There's not many pieces of workout equipment that you can say that about!


To help strengthen those glutes, improve your posture and add some variety into your workouts, we recommend you buy a set of 3 fabric glute bands. That way you will have a light band, a medium band and a heavy band in your arsenal which will equip you with all you need to get the most out of your glute bands. 

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