Do Glute Bands actually work?

Do Glute Bands actually work?

Glute Bands have quickly become one of the most popular workout buddies for men and women looking to pursue the ever illusive perfected rear, and for good reason! However a common question has arisen particularly from those first encountering booty bands… do they actually work? Can I grow and mould my booty using them? Short answer – YES! Initially it almost seems too good to be true, how can these incredibly simple and portable bands deliver such killer results?! Let’s dive in and find out how and why they are the top choice in assisting with your booty goals.

Firstly – yes, we are bias! However, we also have been using fabric resistance bands loooooong before we ever decided to start our own business creating them. We love them ourselves, we have seen first hand the benefits from our own experience using them, and we have helped countless others make positive movement in improving their strength, learning to target muscle groups, and rehabilitating joints all through the use of bands.


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These bands are not only effective in toning and shaping your booty, they are also commonly recommended by sports therapists and experts for rehabilitation purposes, strengthening the glute muscle, and injury prevention. When you complete your first sweet sweet reps with your glute band, you will likely have the sudden realisation that you have been missing out some sort of magical booty builder. The burn and targeted activation of muscle will have you realising and understanding the huge impact that bands can have on your body in a workout. They are incredibly effective in activating smaller ancillary muscles which will help improve your strength and stabilization during movements. Ever wondered why you see Personal Trainers, Celebrities and your friends/family recommending bands like these? Well it’s because of the reasons listed above. The benefits are proven and for those wanting to improve their technique and physique, they’re a must!

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