Glute Bands, what exactly are they?

Glute Bands, what exactly are they?

Now we’re probably all familiar with resistance bands - venture out into any popular park or gym and you’re sure to see some being used! Or maybe you’ve already used one yourself, perhaps in an activation drill or strength workout. Either way – resistance bands are HERE TO STAY. They have become an essential accessory for building your lower body, and an excellent piece of equipment that can be used to complete entire workouts.

What are Glute Bands? They are premium fabric, stretch resistance bands used primarily for lower body exercises. Made from thickstretchable and elastic fabric they are durable, comfortable and provide a killer burn in your workout!

How strong is the resistance? Alpha Strength Glute Bands are available in 3 resistance levels; light, medium and heavy. If you have only ever used traditional rubber resistance bands, well, you are in for a treat! Our fabric bands provide significantly higher resistance than traditional bands. Light = 12-16kg, medium = 25-35kg and heavy = 40-50kg. We recommend opting for a bundle with all 3 as you then have the most variety, and can utilise the optimum resistance level for each and every exercise.

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How do I care for my Glute Bands? Caring is EASY, these are low maintenance tools. If they do get dirty, they are easily spot-cleaned by applying cold water and a small amount of washing liquid. Alternatively you can throw them into the washing machine on a cold gentle wash and hang out to dry, although we do recommend to hand wash where possible! These bands are thick and built to last, you can use these over and over again without running the risk of tearing or damaging. If you’ve had a traditional rubber resistance band you may have learnt that they do not mix well with heat (as they can actually melt), well this is not a problem with our fabric bands. They can be left in heat without any resulting damage!

What exactly can I use the Glute Bands for? That is going to depend on what exactly your goals are, and which muscles or areas you are aiming to target. To give you a rough idea you can… use them for specific muscle activation in a movement, to focus on targeted training towards a particular muscle, to warm up a muscle group pre-workout, to rehabilitate an injured or weak joint, to increase the intensity of lower body movements, or to increase stability whilst performing exercises.

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