What’s the lowdown on massage guns, and do they really work?

It may look like a power drill at first glance, but the massage gun or percussive gun is actually now regarded as today’s most essential muscle recovery tool.

What do massage guns do?

Massage guns offer what’s known as percussive or vibration therapy. This type of massage provides rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue (hence the rippling effect of massage guns) as its head oscillates back and forth. Masseurs and masseuses have traditionally used a series of light strikes from the hands or wrists to the given muscle group to get this effect. However, massage guns let athletes get the same benefits, but in the comfort of their own homes (and without needing to pay routinely for luxury spa services). And unlike myofascial massaging tools, such as foam rollers, massage guns can hyper-target a specific problem area. For those who find foam rollers uncomfortable or too manual of a process, massage guns offer a more streamlined, automatic solution.

Do massage guns actually work?

Because of the increasing popularity of massage guns, many health and fitness experts conducted studies regarding its effectiveness. Such studies indicate that the usage of this sports recovery device can be beneficial for your body in many ways. Lets explore the benefits now:

It prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

DOMS happens when you engage your muscles in a physical activity that stresses your muscles beyond their usual limit. Its inconvenient, painful, and could last for 24 to 72 hours after your workout. Good thing is, percussive therapy can provide you a fast remedy.

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, vibration therapy, “improves muscular strength, power development, and kinaesthetic awareness.” It also, “effectively improves muscle performance which may prevent DOMS.”

It improves flexibility and range of motion

The same study explains that aside from pain reduction, the vibration also synchronizes your muscle spindles which results in a better range of motion. Once muscles become flexible, they won’t be as prone to injuries and pains as they were before. What's more, your flexibility will also improve your posture and balance. 

It increases blood circulation.

Overtraining causes severe muscle pain—we all know that. But did you know that it’s because lactic acid builds up in your muscles whenever you do an intense workout? This effect can be countered by increasing blood circulation, and studies published in 2011 and 2014 pointed out that vibration therapy helps increase blood flow. In sports recovery, the increase in blood circulation minimizes muscle tension and inflammation.

It gives way to a better lymphatic flow.

Fewer muscle knots and muscle tightness means better drainage in the lymphatic system. When the lymph moves freely, the body can excrete toxins and waste effectively. A better lymphatic system means a healthier immune system and improved metabolism.

Accelerates your Recovery

Ease away tension and pain with the Booster M2 Massage Gun. Perfect for people of all ages – from professional athletes suffering from repeating injuries to older adults with chronic pain. Percussive Therapy can be used as a tool to speed up and improve your recovery process.

massage guns speed up recovery

Releases Knots, Cramps and Spasms:

Release the knots from repetitive stress, poor posture or overworking. Let the Booster M2 Massage Gun massage away tender spots and feel your tension melt away. It can be used in lieu of an expensive masseuse and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Breaks Up Scar Tissue

The Booster M2 Massage Gun  painlessly breaks up scar tissue restoring your body back to ultimate performance. By utilising percussive therapy, the existing scar tissue can be worked on at any time of the day and through consistent use can be used to break up any existing scar tissue within the muscle.

Enhances Performance

Enjoy the many benefits of the Booster M2 Massage Gun all in one compact device. Perfect for warm-up, warm-down, or recovery. Percussive therapy can be used by athletes as another tool to smash their goals and be better than the competition.

massage guns improve performance

Who is it for?

Percussive therapy is for anyone who has an active lifestyle—professional athletes, CrossFitters, gym buffs, and people who just want to push themselves beyond their limit by recovering fast. Its also for those with back and shoulder problems who find themselves sitting at a desk for most of the day.
Here are some of the common ailments that massage or percussive therapy can aid with:

-Muscle Soreness
-Shin Splints
-Muscle cramps and spasms
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Herniated or Bulging Discs
-TMJ Syndrome


The Booster M2 weighs a little over 1kg, making it the lightest commercial grade massage gun on the market.

Most massage guns are powered at 2800 RPM while the The Booster M2 uses an impactful 3300 RPM high torque motor for a more focused, effective and soothing percussive massage.

The Booster M2 is built with the quietest magnet-based motor which is no louder than your fridge, giving you the ability to still hold a conversation or binge-watch Netflix while using it.

While other massage guns may offer just about an hour of battery life, the The Booster M2 is equipped with a longer-lasting battery life that averages at 7 hours on one charge.

Unlike other massage guns with a standard 3-speed setting, the Booster Gun has has 8-speed settings catering to a range of pain thresholds and soreness.


Still not convinced?

Well, the Booster M2 comes backed with an extended 18 month warranty on any mechanical failures to the product so you can shop knowing your purchase is completely risk free.

Buy the Booster M2 Massage Gun here.


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