Today, powerbands are a dependable tool commonly found in both fitness and rehabilitation facilities around the world. Resistance bands are effective, versatile, affordable, and portable training tools that offer a significant advantage to fitness routines and rehabilitative exercises.

At its core, all exercise involves resistance. Powerbands give you all the benefits of resistance - increased strength, flexibility and stamina - in a portable size. Use them to warm up muscles and prime joints, for strength and flexibility training and to help increase lateral speed and forward acceleration anywhere, anytime, and by almost every age and athletic ability range.
Powerbands are colour-coded to denote varying resistance levels. The resistance level is the amount of tension the band offers during an exercise. The six colons of resistance found in powerbands are:

Yellow, Red, Black, Pure. Green and Blue.

Resistance-band training offers similar benefits to free-weight training, but it actually has several advantages that outweigh those of free weights. A workout program using powerbands provides users a more functional workout with better injury prevention and a greater ability to change muscle emphasis and power development.

Both elastic resistance bands and free-weights have several similar properties: they allow progressive resistance, free range of motion, and variable speed of motion. The latest studies have shown that muscle activity and max load while training with powerbands are similar to free-weight resistance exercise. However, resistance bands, unlike free weights, do not rely on gravity to provide resistance / force. Both elastic and isotonic resistances provide similar strength, curve patterns, similar muscle activation levels, and similar strength gains.

The benefits of resistance bands is more in their functional movement patterns, which mimic everyday activities and sports-specific activities, while decreasing the risk of injury.


Body-weight and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are currently all the rage because of their huge success. They combine simple exercises, using one’s own bodyweight, with high numbers of repetitions and circuits for powerful workouts. People who stick to the workouts usually achieve rapid and continuous results.

Adding powerbands to body-weight routines will bring even greater success in the same amount of time because of the elastic resistance and the constant tension in eccentric and dysenteric parts of the exercises. This combination results in better range of motion, strength, and more complete stimulation.

Powerbands bring a fresh level of diversity to exercise routines through their intensive muscle focus. In fact, it is the constant contraction and tension while using powerbands that builds muscle and speeds up fat loss.