Latex Resistance Bands Set of 3
Latex Resistance Bands Set of 3
Latex Resistance Bands Set of 3
Latex Resistance Bands Set of 3
Latex Resistance Bands Set of 3

Latex Resistance Bands Set of 3

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Our Latex Resistance Bands provide an effective and efficient way to improve your overall physical performance. These power bands provide you with a portable, full-body resistance band workout with the ability to increase and decrease the difficulty of your workouts.


As you'll learn with resistance bands, sometimes less is more, which is why after popular demand we have a set of 3 bands now available. These bands are good for a variety of applications such as:

  • Light weight resistance training (for beginner- to intermediate)
  • Rehabilitation and physio
  • Stretching
  • Speed and agility training
  • Yoga, pilates, plyometrics & aerobics workouts
  • Pre and post training warm-up and warm-down
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Adding more resistance and difficulty to compound lifts e.g bench press and squat press
  • Improve mobility, balance and coordination


  • Durable hard wearing rubber -Our latex power resistance bands are made of all natural latex, using a continuous layering process that aids in preventing any type of breakage or tearing.

  • They stretch 2.5x their original size - Because of the high quality latex and the manufacturing process our power bands can stretch over double their original size.

  • Colour coded for ease of use - All bands are colour coded for each different level of resistance for ease of use during workouts.


  • Save on storage space - Get workouts on the go or at home with minimal space and only our lightweight power bands needed.

  • Safe and easy to use - Workout alone (no need for a spot).

  • Incredibly cost-effective - Don't pay for equipment that only allow you to perform limited exercises. Our Power bands provide a versatile workout which allows for constant progression. Simply go up to the next band level of resistance once an exercise feels too easy.

  • Adaptable for multiple fitness levels - Power Bands provide a versatile solution for your training that is unmatched in any other type of workout equipment.


  • 1 x Light Band (Yellow) 2-7kgs
  • 1 x Light-Medium Band (Red) 7-15kgs
  • 1 x Medium Band (Black) 15-30kgs


Length: 208 cms
Thickness: 0.45 cms
Material: 100% Rubber Latex

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