Booster M2 Massage Gun
Booster M2 Massage Gun
Booster M2 Massage Gun
Booster M2 Massage Gun
Booster M2 Massage Gun
Booster M2 Massage Gun
Booster M2 Massage Gun
Booster M2 Massage Gun

Booster M2 Massage Gun

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Repair aches, pains and sports injuries the EASY way with The Booster M2 Massage Gun.

Its no secret that Massage Guns have become the go to tool for any person who partakes in physical exercise, and for good reason. These percussive massagers have a plethora of benefits for athletes, non-athletes and any body who experiences ongoing chronic pain. Using the Booster M2 Massage Gun has many positive health benefits when used regularly and will well and truly transform your recovery game.

Why do so many people swear by the Booster M2 Massage Gun?

Its POWERFUL. With an motor of 125watts and an AMPLITUDE of 12mm, it is considered a commercial grade massage gun.

With so much torque, you'd expect a very noisy motor right? Well, The Booster M2 Massage Gun is QUIETER than an Electric Toothbrush, at only 55dB of sound when in use so you can massage in the comfort of your home whilst watching tv or around other people without bothering them.

It massages 20% deeper than consumer grade massagers

Most massage guns only provide an amplitude of 10mm which only offers vibration therapy. With the Booster M2, you have 12mm of amplitude making this a percussive massage gun.

Power a weeks worth of workouts on just one charge

Sporting a 24V rechargeable battery, the Booster M2 has a continuous use time of 7 hours, elevating itself as one of the longest lasting massage guns available on the market. 

Includes all the attachments you will ever need

Unlike most Massage Gun kits which will only include 4 attachment heads, The Booster M2 Massage Gun comes with a generous 6 Massage Heads including:

What does my order include?

✔ Booster M2 Massage Gun
✔ 6 Massaging Heads
✔ Charging plug (AU, UK, US, EU available) - depending on your location we will ship the appropriate plug
✔ Portable drop proof carry case
✔ 18 month manufacturers warranty


Weight: 1.1kg
Battery: 24 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery Life: 7 hours
Stroke: 12mm
Frequency: 900-3300rpm

**Please note this item is shipped from our overseas warehouse and will take 10-15 business days to arrive to Australia.